Matthew Coules is a British industrial designer specialising in furniture and objects. Over the last 8 years he has worked on a wide breadth of projects ranging from large concrete skate parks, upholstered soft seating and modular zoning systems. Matthews recognisable design handwriting has been shaped through his experiences growing up in rural Oxfordshire, Skateboard culture and his background in joinery; which is a prominent narrative in his work. 
He is known for exploring new materials, challenging design briefs and enriching his creations with a soft playfulness. Matthew obsesses over the small details  and prides himself on his attention to the experience of the end user. He has a highly technical understanding of design and product development and experience in many areas surrounding the process. 
In 2011 Matthew became a cnc machinist for a small joinery firm where he learnt invaluable manufacturing techniques and processes. Between 2015 and 2018 he designed approx 35 skateparks across the Uk and Scotland and from 2018 to present Matthew has worked exclusively for UK furniture manufacturer Frovi
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